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About Juria College

It was prior to the year 1989, when the greater Juria and adjacent villages were beleaguered with the socially and economically backward people and when it was quite unimaginable to send the children of such families for higher education to far away town, in that very hour, two makeshift colleges were established within a distance of about four kilometers with the efforts of few sensitive minded educationists and social workers of the area.

It was in the year 1989, the management committee of both the colleges came into camaraderie and established Juria College at the epicenter of both the colleges. The merging of two erstwhile identical colleges into present one was possible through the pioneering and untiring effort of those who had profound sense of social commitments at that hour. This successful mission of establishing present Juria College was well backed by the unstained support both physically and financially extended by the people of the area.

Situated away from the din and bustle of the town and forming itself a self styled gate way of the greater Juria, the college is an ideal one for academic pursuit.